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Greetings, I'm Ayele Kumari

I am so glad to see you. I have some exciting news you may have been looking for.
I know there are many people like you who are looking and searching for answers. They are searching for meaning and purpose in their life. They are searching for healing in their hearts and minds. This world can be tough.... and everyone needs someone to support them through those tough times..

Ive been there too and because of that I have learned some powerful tools and insights that can transform your experience and help you to find balance and purpose in where you are and going.

I offer the tools I used myself as well as well as those I have helped thousands with. You must know that you can heal. You can find help and support. You were created for a purpose and I can help you find it.

Join me on this journey and let me help you help yourself

More About Me

What My Wonderful Clients and Students Say

  • Dr. Ayele Kumari has the talent and skill to literally save lives. From mental health crisises to spiritual health refinement - she literally does it all. She is responsible for solidifying the core that is the Aquarius Maximus brand. Not only do you receive the support and healing, but you are expertly led to tap into the cosmic reservoir of knowledge to put to use for yourself. Dr. Ayele Kumari is an amazing coach to have in your arsenal for success.

    Tavonia Evans Life Coach, Cardologer
  • I just want to say Iya Ayele has been a God send! She helped me get my whole life together! From helping me to identify and pursue my life's work to giving insight to my personal relationships, to offering transformational experiences in her workshops, to even offering natural remedies for emotional health, she does it all! She has an immense wealth of knowledge that is just bursting through for anyone who taps it.

    Amarachi Kalu Data Scientist, Mathematician

Check out my Books

  • ​Spirit Rising: Workbook for Healing and Spiritual Empowerment is written for individuals just getting started on their spiritual journey. Its filled with exercises to develop spiritual mastery and gain new skills of connecting to Spirit.

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  • Iyanifa: Woman of Wisdom is an anthology from women in the Ifa Orisa Tradition. A must have for any woman considering initiating into Ifa or anyone curious about Iyanifas, Iyami, or the history of Iyanifas especially in the African diaspora. .

    Access it Now!
  • Magical Calabash is an anthology of womens wisdom covering mystical topics such as communication with the ancestors and making a divine African Mother Oracle to womb work and magical recipes for peace, healing, and personal power.

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