In 2017 I founded an online school for conscious living called Ori Institute. It is intended to be a school for indigenous wisdom traditions, Women’s  Spirituality, Traditional and Holistic Healing, and Personal Development. If you are or know of a great teacher in one of those areas feel free to pass the word and have them shoot me a message or go to the website to sign up as a teacher!

I’ve got some great programs of my own coming up. These will be online video courses that can be taken in the comfort of your home. If you are not able to attend, don’t worry, you can still access them later on Ori Institute!

Check out these  classes!

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This course was recorded live in 2017  and is now available as a video course on Ori Institute. Click the pic to sign up! 

The live classes are over  but they are now available as online courses that can be taken anytime! 

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