AwakenIng to Your Divine Self: What is Ori Consciousness?

When I was around 12 or so, I began to realize I had super powers. That’s what I called them at least. I found I knew things before they happened and that I could make things happen when i focused. I could also ask for things and they would fall in my lap. I was baptized that year but I wasn’t very religious. I kind of knew there was something more. Somewhere deep, I had determined that I would become a Christ…. A Goddess on Earth… So I began these “conversations with God” that began with a request to know God beyond scriptures and translations, dogma, and other peoples interpretations. I wanted to know from direct experience…and so the conversations began…or rather the realizations began.

Before they could happen, I had to first learn, how God talks…and how to listen. That started with dreams which grew into meditations and visions. I found also that my spirit loves songs and relays messages to me through songs… It put a whole new spin on the idea of a choir of angels. I began waking to music with messages. Some of the music was popular music. Some I had never heard of in this life.It was then I began to realize that God was within…. Or at least there was a piece of God that emanated inside of me…like… just as the Ocean is huge, If I take a glass of ocean water and put it in a glass, it would be of the same quality just not the same quality. So when I heard the concept of the Ori, the concept of the divine self in Ifa, I immediately knew what that was. I had long established a connection.

The Difference between the Brain, the Personality, and the Ori

One of the things I had to learn, however, was the difference between my persona and personality and my divine self. The personality is all of the different ways your unique self expresses in the world. It is shaped by culture, experiences, sex, race, religion, sometimes past lives, environment, even the constellations. Being a soul encased in matter, the matter …your body, is not separate from everything around it. It has a nature just as it is connected to nature. All of these things shape personality…what you like or dislike, whether you tend to be a leader or if you like football or dance. Personality makes you unique… Personality also has levels of development, because the most primal part of the personality is your instincts.

The instinctual self is found in what we know as the reptilian brain. It is located in the back of the head where the little groove is just above the center of the neck. This is the earliest part of the human body that developed and the oldest part of the brain. Sometimes it is referred to our animal nature because animals operate on instincts. It allows us to be in touch with nature and also has a survival mechanism that keeps us safe… The part that says, there is a lion….RUN! It’s the part that hungers and says..”I gotta eat!” It’s our survival mechanism so it’s important in that way. Part of our development requires that we grow past just our instinctual responses and use our full intelligence to make conscious choices.

In Ifa , occipital part of the head is also associated with Esu, the divine messenger between heaven and earth. It’s the junction between the head and the body. Esu presents us with choices and also relays messages just as the brain does. Our ability to decipher and discern between those choices and messages internally and externally is what allows us to grow. So Esu doesn’t trick us… Esu challenges our animal self to function on a higher level by raising our perceptions and consciousness. This is true character development.

Other parts of the brain gives us a sense of rhythm, helps us analyze, and sends and receives electrical messages between parts of the body. They say we actually only use 5 or 10% of the brain so there is a lot of space for us to become the super humans we were intended to become. Then there is the endocrine system, that also sends messages…only chemical ones. There we have the pineal gland that helps with visions, the pituitary that is the master gland and tells the other glands what and when to do things like menstruate, and grow hair on the chest. Our hormones and emotions are tied to this system so it influences our personality too.So it’s important to understand that while the personality is a complete machine and has purpose, it is NOT your divine self. It’s not your Ori when spoken of as seeking its guidance. The personality is knowledgeable, based on its experiences and other factors…but not where your divine wisdom comes from.Your divine wisdom from your Ori is a spiritual faculty, not physical. It is an extension of your soul/spirit body. Your Ori is the part of you that is still connected to the spiritual world that you came from before entering this body to live here on earth. It’s not attached to likes or dislikes. It’s not interested in what religion you practice. It’s concern is your…it’s spiritual evolution….the experience living itself. It’s this part that contains the blueprint…the plans for your life experience. It’s the part that knew you were going to have the kind of parents you did…and set up that event that changed your life when you were coming of age. It’s the part of you, that you prayed to when you needed help…and it’s the part that often answered your prayers…even if it said no.
It knows what you need to get through this life…successfully.

The Mutidimensional. Self

It can be confusing to understand that who you are is not one dimensional. You are not just your personality. That you are a multidimensional being existing simultaneously between worlds… But if you think about your dream self, it may make more sense. When you dream….who is the actor or you in the dream? Who is that you are experiencing….when you are fighting dragons in the dream? It’s clearly not your awakened self. Yet, it seems to have a mind of its own…in a world of its own. So it too, is a part of your multidimensional self.

That said, when you want to connect and receive guidance from your Ori, you must realize it may not respond the way you think it should…or because you want it to because while it is you…it is soooo much more that the little self you imagine.

One of my experiences with my Ori happened when I just asked it to show me who it was. I had heard all kinds of descriptions of Ori…but they were concepts…no real experiences. Having had experiences in the past, I wanted to grasp it further…

So I had a “dream”. I call it such but I was actually lucid..and conscious of the experience as it was happening. I first saw a woman with a child in her lap. Next to her, there was a vertical tube, with 3 bulbs on it. There was a swirling purple and white light that was coiling or escalating through the tube to the top bulb where it burst through into a giant illuminating star. It was pure light… Brilliant but it did not hurt my eyes.. I knew immediately this was my Ori… I was completely immersed inside of it ….And then my personality started kicking in as I tried to flood it with questions about its nature and my origins.

She…yes she ( had a female voice) interrupted me by saying she wasn’t used to talking to me that way…with words…. Then the conversation shifted to purely telepathic. I can only describe it as a pure transmission of thought…or ideas…but no words…no formal language. She transmitted a question of how did I feel my life was going? Even in my attempt, I became aware of a purer part of me answering….honestly… But not fully under my conscious direction. I responded that I was learning a lot and what I felt I was getting from this life experience. It was not at all what my personality would have said… I would have asked why I was financially challenged? Or why patriarchy/ racism is allowed to exist? Instead, my pure self was interested in my development…as a soul. Race and gender were just experiences…as was my financial status. These were social constructs, but not soul truths. They were purely dependent on the physical body experience. They were the classroom set up to learn from the experience.
I then heard a male voice too.. More support with her than direct but clear. He had a sense of humor, but I can’t really recall what he said anymore. What I was left with was the impression that now I know…. And I was sent back and i awakened in my body fully aware of the experience with my Ori.

There was a lot more that came out of that experience and other Ori experiences, but that is for another blog. What I did want to reiterate is that the concept of Ori is very real…not just an idea. I can’t say everyone may have the same experience as I did. I can say that it’s not a vain plight to seek full connection. It’s not going to make you an instant sage with no issues. You still have this body and personality in this environment. You have to deal with that in this reality…and it still impacts you. But also recognize…there is something more…far greater than just what you see on this plane of existence. So avoid getting too attached to your body.

How to Connect with your Ori

For those that meditate, I would like to share two mantras that may help you make that connection. The first is Haaaaa. It’s a repetitive chant that takes a deep breath in and releases through the Ha sound. This is an old mantra I was given years ago for the Ori. I don’t know where it came from or what it does officially, but I can tell you this is what I chanted when I had the above experience. I’ve had other experiences since then and another chant that has worked is the Oriki..
Ori mo pe o 3x ( O Ree Mo Pay Oh)
Ori San Mi, (Or ree Sahn me)
Ori San Igeti. (Or ree Sahn Ee get ee)It means Divine self, I call on you, divine self guide me, divine self support me. I asked what mantra to use to connect to her and that is what I was given. Your Ori may be different and I don’t pretend to hold all of the keys. I can only share my experience and maybe it may give insight to assist you in having your own.

I didn’t realize until after I finished writing this that I actually wrote about some of this experience already. For those interested, that article is here :