Being an Evolutionary Revolutionary

I used to wonder what my life purpose is. Then when I found out, I first denied it, then I was afraid of it, then I was angry because I didn’t want it. Then I grieved. When I realized I couldn’t run, I surrendered to it. I let nature take its natural course inside of me.

I accepted that I am a warrior. Not the kind of warrior that sheds the blood of humans. I am a warrior of light. I am an evolutionary revolutionary. My sword is often my tongue or my pen…or in this digital age, my finger. I am here to cut down the weeds ignorance at its root so that growth can happen. I’m a transformer.. a catalyst for change… I’m not meant to comply with man made rules that seek to control. I am meant to live in alignment with the laws of nature herself. I’m not that pretty flower in the carefully planned garden. I’m the weed nature brought that is the needed medicine.

That means I may run into a lot of people in the established orders that will oppose me. What revolutionary hasn’t? People don’t really like change… They prefer to be comfortable and unbothered. They want things to stay exactly the same…. even if it is not in their best interest. So when I show up, I remind them they cant be comfortable in their bubbles anymore. Its time to grow beyond your limitations. I remind them they are more than what they have become…

It’s not always easy. I don’t claim perfection. I don’t always do it just right…. Sometimes I get weary… Sometimes I fall down… Sometimes I cry. But life has taught me, it’s precisely those times, my sword is being sharpened… My heart is being tendered…. and that even though it appears all too much, when it looks like death is imminent, it is at that moment, I am reborn…


  1. Nasmak

    this kind of post´s really give me strength. thank you so much !!

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