Embodying Orisha through Virtuous Living


You can speak perfect Yoruba and know all of the accent marks for writing it too.
But if you do not know how to speak in loving kindness to your brother or sister, you’ve learned nothing.
You can memorize every Oriki and every Ese in the Odu Literary Corpus and know how to cast a perfect divination.
But if you don’t know how to treat people and how to overcome your negative destructive ways, you are still a beginner in the spiritual realm.You can know every dance and every song, and every protocol in your lineage,
But if you cannot walk a path of peace and inner joy…. It’s just another song and dance.You can know every ritual, ceremony, and how to do work a thousand works.
But if you cannot live the ritual of life by living the virtues of the Orisha , Egun, and your Ori, You are but a mere technician, but certainly not a spiritual master.

You can have some most impressive titles, an ile, temple, or house of worship of ten thousand people.
But if you feel the need to downgrade, control, manipulate others or kick them while they are down to one up yourself, you are just another ego driven child trying to play Royalty at the expense of those who don’t know.

You can be in the tradition your whole life,
but if you think that makes you better or more advanced spiritually than someone else, you are but a fool, since you cannot recognize that Our Ori is all of our first teacher.. and its been teaching everyone since birth.

You may be old of years and draw social security, but if you still respond to life as a temperamental child of 10 or 15 you have yet to reach eldership.

Speak to me of Ogun when you are able to break through your own illusions, face your fears, own your shit, and courageously evolve to manifest your best self.

Speak to me of Osun when you are able to create harmony, joy, and abundance in your own life without selfishness.

Speak to me of Esu when you are able to make empowering choices and speak truth in word and deed.

Speak to me of Obatala when you are able to realize pure peace and maintain a tranquil mind.

Speak to me of Oya when you are able to be still in the eye of the storms of life and flow easily when the winds of change are upon you.

Speak to me of Olokun or Yemaya when you are able to balance your emotions and empathize with others.

Speak to me of Orunmila when you are able to view the world through an eye of wisdom, and balance judgement with compassion and not harsh criticism of others inadequacies.

Speak to me of Shango when you can transcend your ego and lead by serving others.

Speak to me of Iyami when you are able to honor the women in your life and treat them well, and embrace the feminine side of your own soul.

Speak to me of Iwa Pele when you can REALLY treat others as you wish to be treated because you realize.. there is no separation between you and me…except that which is in our own minds.