ESU : Essential Spiritual Understanding

Esu is the primordial essence of infinite possibilities. It is through each possibility that some doors open and close. That is there are benefits and challenges of each choice. Some move us forward, some backward, some elevate and some descend, some are lateral moves to the left or right and some bring us full circle back to where we started. 

Within that context, Esu is the grand paradox of the universe.. That paradox brings out our various perspectives that determine our choices. Esu forces us to examine our assumptions and rethink our options and outlook. Is the glass half empty or full comes to mind. What seems big is actually small. What seems infinite is actually limited. This infinite possibility challenges even our perception of time, space, and self. This is why parables and metaphors hold such significance in ancient traditions. Each one holds within it a number of interpretations depending on our level of consciousness. A simple reference to a tree could allude to fruit or could suggest a blueprint for the soul.. 

As a transdimensional element, Esu lives outside of the limitations of matter and the world formed of matter. Our assumptions about ourselves are often limited to our immediate lifetime, body, personal history, and culture. These assumptions limit our choices because our perspective is limited and by that very conditions doors close to us because we cannot see beyond that outlook.  

These infinite possibilities challenge our assumed values as well. Values are based on what we value whether it is tangible or intangible. We make choices based on what we value. We make judgements based on those same values. We assume that because we believe so strongly in those values and that people around us also believe them, that they must be right… So much so we are willing to fight for them… When someone or something points out a flaw in our logic about our values, it forces us into what is called the dark night of the soul. We feel conflicted between what we thought we knew and what appears to be evidence of something different. To accept the new evident requires a degree of humility, because it requires us to accept that we were mistaken. It also forces us to be patient and thoughtful. Patient because we will be tested again and again to see if we have mastered our understanding. Thoughtful because we begin to realize the consequences of our actions so we are careful to make better choices in the future. It also forces us to relinquish our ego’s illusion that it is in control  and surrender to the universe. 

This brings us to a matter of what is true and truth? We find a description of it in Ose Otura where Esu exemplified. 

The Odu Ifa Osa-Otura says,

What is truth?

I say, What is truth? 

Orunmila says: Truth is the Lord of heaven guiding the earth.

Osa-Otura says, What is truth?

I say, What is truth?

Orunmila says: Truth is the unseen One guiding the earth, the wisdom Olodumare is using – great wisdom, many wisdoms.

Osa-Otura says, What is truth?

I say, What is truth?

Orunmila says: Truth is the character of Olodumare. Truth is the word that cannot fall. Ifa is truth. Truth is the word that cannot spoil. Mighty power, surpassing all. Everlasting blessing.

This was divined for the earth. They said the people in this world should be truthful. To enable them to be truthful and honest  willingly and comfortably, let the idabo (Ifa medicine) be applied by marking Odu-Osa-Otura on the divining powder. After reciting the above Ifa saying on the powder, mix it with eko (cornstarch gruel) and drink it, or put it in palm oil and eat it, so that it will be easy to be honest and truthful.

Ifa song: Speak the truth, tell the facts. Speak the truth, tell the facts. Those who speak the truth are those whom the deity will help.

Esu helps us find truth beyond illusions.. But also discover the truth about ourselves. The facts are…we are more than just our body and history. We are more than our titles or status. Other people are more than just our projections of good and evil. As we unpeel the layers of assumptions about everything and everyone, we find common cords that link together beyond the surface. We are called to face our shadows and light… We are reminded of the need for balance and wholeness. Then a dawning awareness begins.. Esu is not a trickster at all. By transcending our illusions, Esu opens the path to self realization.