Extracting the I ching Principles out of the Ifa Odu 

As we understand the nature of Odu as the womb of existence and within that womb, all possibilities exist and are reflections of divine law.
The fundamental principles that were discussed in the Odu and Natural Law post present us with the fundamental tools for understanding its evolution in other binary systems.  The I Ching ( pronounced Yee Jing or EE king) based on ancient China utilizes the binary polarities in the form of  8 trigrams. These trigrams are formed through taking the form of the fundamental 4 principles found in the double lines of a sequence…

When we add a double line and single line to each of the primary  Elemental lines, we are able to form 8 primary trigrams and the 8 directions.creating the baqua of Asia.  These 8 directions are found in the Wheel of the Year describing the major times for holidays.  The Ogdoad or 8 primary creative energies of the universe in ancient Egypt.

Which produces the 8 directions, 8 elements, and 8 cosmic energy patterns.


And Produces the Wheel of the Year with 8 primary seasons of the 2 solstices, 2 equinox, and 4 midpoints.  These points become our season on earth and reflect our major holidays and celebrations.


And Produces the 8 phases of the moon…
These principles produce fundamental laws of nature that are prevalent throughout the universe.

These are the 8 primaries expressed through ancient Kemet( Egypt) cosmology as the Ogdoad.