Ifa Healing Medicine Pt 2

She was sent home in hospice. She had an aggressive form of cancer that attacked the liver and the lungs. According to the scans, she had an 8 inch mass in her chest. The doctors had written it off sending her home to peacefully transition. By the time she got to me it didn’t look good. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could do anything to help… But she had heard of another one of my clients healing from cancer and she had faith she could do the same. I asked Ifa if anything could be done to heal from her condition. Ifa gave me a resounding “YES!”. At first I was taken a back. It was just such a huge cancer I actually asked again to confirm…. full recovery? Again Ifa responded in the affirmative. So I went to work to see what Ifa had to say and what needed to be done to facilitate full recovery. That was February 17, 2019.

Like my previous client with breast cancer, the Ebo for the Orisa was one thing but the inner sacrifice was another. The oracle said the roots were traced to anger and grief. She was required to forgive any and everyone who had ever offended her. Her grief was due to a daughter who had passed.. Unconsciously , she said “take me”. In order to heal, it was time to release her child back home. She had to want to live.

So often, we feel perfectly justified to hold anger indefinitely. Truth is, we may be justified… and it may be perfectly understandable from a human perspective. But from a spiritual, it doesn’t exonerate us of consequences. Ifa holds that forces of dis-ease are called Ajogun. While often interpreted as spirits…, I’ve found Ajogun may show up in the 21st century as bacteria or viruses. Unresolved issues like negative or suppressed emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, guilt may lay us vulnerable to destructive forces of nature through weakening our immunity. We are often unaware of how negative emotions and mindset affect our body. Holding the anger doesn’t hurt the person who we are angry at. Because we are holding it in our hearts, it’s only us who will suffer.

Cells have memory and carry emotions

The mind is powerful. It actually doesn’t have a concept of time. It can hold an old memory and it will come up as if it were yesterday. It’s why we can have a dream about the past and the emotions can still be fresh. So a traumatic event can be held in our psyche. This can impact our outlook and perspective consciously and unconsciously.

When I was massage therapy instructor, I worked with a lot of people and learned that we often carry trauma in our cells. When a event happens, our body releases chemicals associated with stress and emotions. They become lodged in our body via the muscles . It’s called cellular memory and is carried in the muscle tension. This can be carried indefinitely if never released. When certain points on the body is pushed, it can release a stream of emotion from the client that they may not even be able to understand fully. Often it is because the point touched is an area where some trauma was held in the muscles cellular memory and it’s finally being released.

In order for healing to happen, you have to address the mental emotional spiritual issues behind it. It allows for the reprogramming of the cellular memory. Cancer is a distortion of a cell. Because cells can pass information and programming to one another it can spread the programmed distortion to the next through metastasis. At that point it is not acting in harmony with the body but against it. Those cells need to be either eliminated or reprogramed to function in a healthy way again.

After discussing with her the situation and requirements for healing, my client chose to do the Ebo. The Ebo engages the spiritual forces that create transformation and healing. She also actively worked on releasing the anger and grief she held. The reading after the Ebo affirmed that healing was on the way.

Almost 3 months passed had before I heard from her again. It was May 6, 2019 when I got the call. She was crying tears of joy. She had gone to her doctor the day before to review the latest scans. The doctor reported that the cancer was gone! There were no signs of cancer in her body! She was over joyed. The doctor was stunned because it was a true miracle they could not explain. I was both amazed at the healing power of Ifa and Orisa and filled with gratitude for being able to support her healing process.


  1. Abiodun

    This post on 2nd healing is miraculous. I am beginning to see the good side of ifa/ebo.
    Thanks for the teachings. God bless you.

  2. Kwabena Brown

    Your post are inspiring and informative. I might reverse that by saying informative and inspiring. I was very moved by the testimony of the lady who was healed of cancer. What the “holy ones” have done the “holy ones” can do.

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