Isese Spirituality Workbook Is Now Available

Its taken 2 years to write but my latest book, Isese Spirituality Workbook is finally available!. This is the book that answers the questions most people ask me about Ifa. It also a good portion of the content in my introductory classes in book form. Its intended to be a workbook as in exercises and personal rituals to help with development and growth. This is the 1st of a 2 volume set. The 2nd volume is scheduled for release September 1, 2020 . This volume focuses on Ori , Egbe, and Egun while the 2nd volume will center on Embodying Orisa and Living in Harmony with the forces of Nature.

Back Cover information.

Ifa Orisa Spirituality is an ancestral wisdom tradition steeped in nature and West African history . Isese (Ee Shay Shay) refers to tradition in Ifa spirituality and refers to the wisdom passed down from our ancestors and spiritual progenitors. Descendants from the African Diaspora displaced during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade are seeking to return back to our indigenous nature based roots for empowerment and spiritual transformation. The Isese Workbook offers a wealth of information, personal rituals, and exercises that can be done right now to begin to tap this expansive spiritual system whether or not a mentor has been found. It will also offer new practical tools for those who are already devotees of the tradition to deepen their understanding. The workbook is specifically designed for inner work including exercises and rites drawn from traditional practices in Africa but also embraces the evolution of that understanding to be useful and relevant for the 21st Century African Diaspora population.

In the Isese Spirituality Workbook, you will learn:

* About your unique spiritual anatomy and physiology based on Isese and Ifa

* The power of your Ori and its influence in shaping your destiny.

* The Pillars of Isese foundations in Ori, Egun, and Egbe. * The role in Iwa or Character in spiritual evolution and healing.

* About Asaro meditation and how to use it to cultivate inner peace and healing.

* How to cultivate a relationship with your ancestors & healing generational trauma.

* About Egbe, your spiritual support system ,soul family & multidimensional worlds

* The role of divination in securing answers and how to use a simple method to gain immediate direction and guidance.

* Sacred verses in the Ancient Ifa literary corpus to give us timeless guidance

.* Sacred technology using Ewe and easy to find items.

* Frequently Asked Questions of Beginners

* How to begin the practice of Isese, Ifa Orisa Spirituality in the West and more.

You can find Isese Spirituality Workbook on Amazon . You can also find the ebook on google play here . Soon it will be available on iBooks too! If you prefer another way to get the paperback, you can order directly from Ori Temple with contact below. Books can be ordered for wholesale by contacting Ori Temple at oritemple ( at sign) or 314-827-4325

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