Living Your Life on Purpose- Soul Lessons, Goals & Life Paths

Whenever a person thinks of their life purpose, it is often a grand act  that will involve a world wide influence and go down in history as this transformational act they will be praised for in generations to come. There are, no doubt, some people like that.  More often however, the soul purpose is a little more personal and grounded in your own personal growth and lessons than these great acts. 

Soul lessons are rooted in a part of ourselves that exist beyond the ego and personality of this lifetime. It is cultivated from who you are as an immortal being than as a personality shaped this lifetime. And yet, the life experiences that you have this lifetime is the set up for the lessons you chose before you came here. 

Choose you ask? Yes. I said you chose them. In our Ifa Wisdom tradition, we understand that as a soul we choose the things we wish to experience this lifetime. We understand that we have lived many lifetimes and this is just one. So beyond our physical existence is a more immortal one. One rooted in our cosmic standing and less of our physical nature. As such, we choose certain conditions for ourselves before we get here. We call this Ori…and it involves both who we are as divine immortal beings as well as what we chose to express this lifetime in the form of our “destiny”. 

So as a part of our destined path, we do have choices. It’s just some of those choices are made before we arrive. We call this Ayanmo. Things like body ( sex, race, ethnicity), parents, early environment, are all things we have little control over as children. Whether difficult or pleasant , this is the set up we, as a soul,  chose as a part of our life path. This early set up sets the stage for later lessons of growth and purpose so in this early stage, there are no mistakes… As in the Matrix, the key is not to question what happened but to understand why you chose it. Identifying the lessons you were to derive from the experience and perceiving how that might catapult you into doing certain work or manifesting certain things later in life. And keep in mind, it’s not about what you find pleasant, like or dislike. Your Ori, is not operating on a human level but a spiritual one. 

An example may be that a soul chooses a path where they may have a congenital disorder of the legs that prevents them from walking. To the human world it might be seen as a tragedy. It may appear that they will not be able to fulfill their destiny. But to a soul, it may have been exactly what it wanted. Perhaps the list lifetime of the person was spent focused on the body and they priced themselves on it. Maybe they found that at the end of that lifetime, they didn’t really develop their mind much. So, this lifetime they chose a body that forced them to focus less on glorifying the body and more on the mind. Maybe that person’s destiny was supposed to be focused on being a writer or teacher.. So being born in a body where the legs weren’t strong actually helped the soul to focus more on what they came for and not be distracted by none essentials for that life. Again, we must look at what the soul is intending and not what the human perception is. 

Other aspects of our soul path are chosen based on what is called Akunleyan. This is related to what we choose but has the potential to change once we are on earth. This may be related to soul goals. Maybe we chose initially to be of service. Maybe that service was to serve as a leader. But, when the soul got here, they had some difficulty making the adjustment, so they chose a job in customer service instead. Both avenues offered a mean to be of service, but the person chose to not lead for whatever reason. They had a choice in the spiritual realm. They made a choice based on what they felt in the physical realm. It is here that our paths can vary greatly on what actually happens. 

The last aspect of soul paths I want to discuss is that of Akunlegba.  Akunlegba is about what we are given. It too involves the ability to choose. But those choices may not be apparent until it’s time to make them. A person is graduating from high school. They have a choice of what college to go to. They are at a crossroads because that  choice will impact their entire life. The choice will set into motion a series of events that will evolve over long periods of time. The choices were established in heave but the soul has to choose one once on earth. 

In these ways, the soul purpose, and life paths can be complicated. We will continue to explore these concepts over the next few posts to help you understand better about your own life. In the meantime, other paths are open to explore your life path more in-depth and that is in a life path reading. In indigenous traditions, when a child is born, the parents would receive a Divination to determine the keys to the child’s life. In the West, that is rarely done. So many of us stumble through life unaware of potential opportunities and pitfalls. A life path reading can help you to gain this kind of insight. While there are deeper means of exploration of this, a life path reading is a good beginning. 

My life path readings explore your life from the perspective of 4-5 different Oracles.  I’ve been doing these kinds of readings over 20 years now and they have just evolved into a unique approach where each method approaches it differently . Ive found this approach allows for a more comprehensive perspective of your life and offers you the tools of understanding your life. If you are interested in a life path reading go ahead and schedule an appointment for an Ori Life Path Reading.  It will include a consultation and a report summarizing the findings. It can be a great tool for exploring your life, where you are, what your lessons are, and potential opportunities and pitfalls to avoid. Some may just want insight into understanding their past and why things happened  to be at peace with where they are now. In that case a general reading or mentoring may help with that.
Ori Life Path Sample Report


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