Make your own Remedy to fight against Bad Water – flint, Michigan listen Up!

​The last few months of watching the Flint water crisis explode has been heart wrenching and deeply sad. The vast levels of possible permanent damage to children and adults physically and mentally calls for some immediate help in that direction. Since no one knows when quality water will arrive for the residents, it’s important to be able to take what you can into your own hands. Last night it occurred to me that homeopathy may very well be the answer…and it’s something you can do yourself right now. I’ll show you how at the end of this article. 


​First let me share what homeopathy is…and is not. Homeopathy is a form of natural healing dating back to indigenous  medicine in Ancient Egypt with the Ebers Medical Papyrus. It is traditional medicine at its finest. In ancient Egypt, they used minute does of venom from snakes to cure snake bites.   Over time, the science was lost and then reemerged in the 18th century.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann noted that a particular plant when introduced to the body would produce similar symptoms as a person with malaria. That led him to theorize that what could produce such symptoms could cure such symptoms. It became known as the law of similars or like cures like. It’s similar to how vaccines work only Vaccines work on cellular levels and Homeopathy works on a molecular and atomic level which is much smaller. Because of the minute doses, it has less negative reactions. If a remedy is the wrong one for a person, it simply won’t work… But won’t produce nasty side effects. Proving through trials of research this in fact was the case, this ancient practice was reborn as Homeopathy. 

​Homeopathy is a valid form of medicine up till today with it being the oldest form of natural medicine approved by the government. It’s been approved in the United States food and Drug Administration since 1938.  It is used and approved by medical regulating agencies worldwide. The primary reason is that it works.. Another reason is because it is inexpensive and useful particularly for poor countries. Homeopathy is a complicated science requiring serious training to treat others but in a crunch…or crisis such as in Flint, Michigan, immediate measure can be taken to make a remedy to counter the effects. 

So here is how to make a homeopathic remedy to counter the effects of Flint Water. Get a clean glass bottle with a tight cap. Pour some Flint water into the bottle. Now get a gallon of clean purified bottled water. Pour nearly all of the flint water out of its bottle. Add some clean water to the bottle and close. Now shake the bottle with the Flint water and purified water mixture against a hard surface 40 times. This activates the molecules. This level will be called 1x. Now pour nearly all of the mixture out of the bottle. Add more purified water… Shake against the hard surface again 40 times. This potency is called 2x now. Pour nearly all  of the mixture out again. Add purified water and shake again. This potency is called 3 x. The potency of the remedy increases with each round. You will need to repeat these steps till you reach a 16 x potency.
Once a 16x potency is reached you can preserve this with apple cider vinegar or brandy. You now have a homeopathic preparation to counter the effects of Flint Water. 

To take this remedy, you will need to follow a few guidelines. You can place a dropperful of the remedy under your tongue or in another glass of water. After the 16x potency, you should not taste any bad water. It should only taste like water and the preservative you used. If using the dropper under the tongue, it will be absorbed directly into the blood stream. You will need to do this every hour for the first day in acute conditions and 3 times a day in general conditions. If you are taking the remedy in the class of water… Sip on it periodically through the day. In the case of Homeopathic remedies, less is more so more remedy taken at the same time will not increase the effects. But, every time you in jest the remedy, you are taking another dose. So, just follow the general guidelines. Also avoid any strong odors, drinks, or foods within an hour of taking the remedy. They will render it useless and you will need to start again. 

So there you have it. This is your homeopathic remedy for the Flint water. Mother Nature always has what you need to rectify a wrong and to create healing and balance again. If you have any questions let me know… And please let me know of any successes you have with the remedy. 

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