Sacred Geometry and Ifa

Let me start out by saying that Im no math whiz… Frankly beyond money, it started to get fuzzy early on once numbers turned to letters… by the time numbers turned to symbols I was waaay out of my lane…  So just because I write post that sound like I have all of this knowledge in math… I don’t… I got smart kids.. that can explain what I think I may see… None the less, I began seeing visions of complicated geometrical patterns in my meditations several years back. Not being much of an artist either, I could only draw out a little of what I see.. When I ran across what I would see on the internet, I would study it.. Here are some diagrams that I have seen over the years… I have mapped them out according to Ifa Cosmology to demonstrate the relationship… Ifa is deep man…. reeal deep… The more I study, the more I am less concerned with personalities of deities or Orisha.. and the more I am fascinated by the science behind it..  That affirms for me the truth beyond culture and belief…

What I am reminded of is the Ifa Assignment of the Cardinal Points found in the Holy Odu
Okanran Ogunda that says:

After the creation of the earth, Orunmila sat at the middle of the island founded by him and said thus to the principle Ọdus that descended with him .
Ogbe: Order you the region where the sun rises. Sit down at the east.
Oyeku: Order you the region where the sun sets. Sit down at the west.
Iwori: sit down at the north.
Odi: sit down at the south.
You other Odu, sit down diametrically opposite each other in a circle.

Orunmila then called the Olodus and said to them
You see what there is here. Mark this well.
This city shall in the future be called Ife.
The hill on which I am seated shall grow these Palm trees bearing monthly twelve manners of fruits.
Sixteen of which shall be used for consultation in divination.
And the leaves will be used for healing of the nations.
Better than any other place, the Awos will have here the Ọdus,
Sixteen Ọdus have come with me.
These will have children and shall live around you.
Ife will have a great people.
But my Awos shall hold sway and tell people what is the will of The eternal Olorun Eleda Olodumare.

Clearly… This aint just about a bowl of nuts…   This… is cosmic science..

Odu ifa hyper dimensional space

So here my Star Trek Deep Space Nine Voyager self kicked in and Im seeing hyperspace and wormholes.. This is a map of the universe…   compelling isn;t it?
Ifa flower of Life
Here we have my rendition of the flower of life..  This was one of the first visions I saw… To the right is the flower of life imprinted in the Temple of Osiris in Abydos… No coincidence… Mine has 16 outer circles that go progressively inward to one. I added a little color to reflect the spectrum of light we engage on this plane.