Why do we say Aboru Aboye Abosise to Babalawos and Iyanifas?

Whenever you greet a Babalawo or Iyanifa, the proper greeting is Aboru (Ah Boo Ru) Aboye (Ah Boy Yea) Abosise (Ah Bo She Shay) . It’s a lot to learn at first but becomes easier over time. The response they may give you may be Ogbo Ato Or add Asure Iwori Wofun. To the average person that asks what it means, they will be told is it means the offering has been made , taken to heaven, and the offering has been accepted. That is true but there is a much more interesting story behind it and the popular translation that is related to Iyami.

In the Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji, we find a story of Orunmila in desperate need to consult with Olodumare. But Olodumare, being the most high is hard to get to. At the door of Olodumare are 3 important women. They are the iyami that guard and help Olodumare and are also the daughters of Olodumare. Orunmila knew he would have to get through to them before he could gain a reception with Olodumare. He also knew they were not easy to get past. So Orunmila consulted Ifa and was advised to bring an offering in three calabash of gifts to them. He did so and laid them at the river where they bathed . The women saw the gifts and they were delighted and appreciative at someone being so thoughtful. They then discovered they were from Orunmila. Because of his generosity, when he came to see Olodumare, they allowed him to enter and and his business concluded successfully.
Orunmila, seeing the great importance and spiritual power of these women, decided to ask for their hand In marriage. They accepted. As a result Orunmila determined that anyone who wanted to see an Awo Ifa for consultation must first greet the daughters of Olodumare or Orunmilas wives.. No one gains access without greeting them by name. Their names are Aboru, Aboye, and Abosise.

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