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ASHE Mystery School!


  • Are you in search of spiritual development along an African Ancestral Path?
  • Do you yearn for a spiritual mentor that will offer you regular wisdom teachings that can help you grow?
  • Do you find yourself in an area where it is hard to find a spiritual community that supports you?
  • Are you looking to learn about your Ancestors and African Spirituality?
  • Are you an Orisa orphan, initiated but don’t currently have a spiritual home?
  • Maybe you are a woman seeking to know more about African Women’s Mysteries or a man wishing for your Divine Manhood to emerge.

I’ve heard from clients all over the globe asking for a way to connect regularly and get more than periodic classes and Divination. They said they want community , growth , and a means to deepen their relationship with Spirit. They said they wanted spiritual mentorship and an opportunity to advance in the Ifa Orisa Tradition but more importantly with themselves.

I have heard you and Ive been inspired to start a community that is intended to bridge the gap in your quest for African Wisdom Traditions and distance. This community will convene under Ori Temple a spiritual temple.   AND In the veins of the how the ancients used to pass this  information on, we have established a Mystery School and spiritual community. This community will take place online and in person through regular events. Membership is available to those who wish to honor their ancestral ways and support their desire to heal, empower, and live their best life.

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Sign up is free , then choose a membership level to begin.

Primary Membership


  1. An opportunity to deepen your relationship with Orisa, your ancestors and empower yourself with the spiritual technology of the ancestors.
  2. Be a part of a safe judgement free community in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Monthly Personal Empowerment rituals for elevation, prosperity, healing, and empowerment.
  4. Discounts on spiritual consultations (All readings and life coaching sessions)
  5. Discounts on classes , workshops, training classes
  6. Exclusive participation  in a monthly video conference  led by Iyanifa Fayele for all members focusing on spiritual themes deepening your understanding of Orisa, Ifa, African Wisdom Traditions and spiritual growth.
  7. Those who are already initiated to Orisa will be part of exclusive group where Initiate Level information can be shared including opportunities for advanced training.
  8. Access to recordings of Video conferences in case you can’t make it to the live one.
  9. Exclusive membership for biological women to participate in the Monthly Aje sisterhood chat
  10. Exclusive membership for biological men participate in the  Monthly Oso Brotherhood chat
  11. Monthly meditation to deepen your Ase (spiritual power) and connection to your Ori.
  12. Free or discounted entry in Temple public events
  13. Discounts on products at Temple rates(  10%-50% off)
  14. Members only live in person retreats.
  15. Access to an online Temple Social Network site to connect with others of like mind.
  16. Member only rituals and ceremonies
  17. Opportunity to Receive Orisa or  Ifa , Iyami and other Initiations  and training in the United States at affordable Member only rates (Payment plans also available to member).
  18. International opportunities to visit our Affiliate Temple in Ota , Nigeria  and receive initiations and learning opportunities there.

Couples and Family from the same household/ IP address / Member name may qualify for the combined membership of $72.00/mo

Eldership membership offered to elders 65 years or older  at a discounted rate of 30.00

Lite Membership

 $20/mo includes

  1. Access to Monthly audio recordings After the live conference
  2. Monthly Meditations to deepen your ase and personal connection with your Ori.
  3. Discounts on Products
  4. Discounts on Consultations
  5. Limited Access Online Temple Social Network, activities, and events
  6. Discounted or Free Entry to Public Events
  7. Opportunities to receive Orisa, Iyami, Ifa priesthood initiations and more  at affordable member rates.
  8. International opportunities to visit our Associate Temple in Ota, Nigeria and receive initiations and learning opportunities there.


No true seeker is refused because of lack of funds.  If you have a sincere interest and genuinely lack funds to support membership,  other opportunities to join may be available on a case by case basis. Bartering and partial scholarships are some options possibly available for extenuating circumstances. Contact to request consideration.