4 Cowrie Divination Obi Class

Learn 4 Shell Cowrie Divination

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Four Shell Cowrie is a simple method of divination based on ancestral communication. This method can help to clarify issues in your life, communicate with your ancestors, use at your ancestral altar,  verify messages you may get, confirm actions and more.  This is form is found throughout Africa in one form or another and serves as a beginner level Divination method so anyone can do it. Obi has many forms  such as kola nut, bitter kola, coconut, peanuts, etc. This form using Cowrie shells is based on the same binary principles and serves as a permanent oracle instead of a perishable one.  This class is from 1 lesson in a larger Bone  Divination class. But this class covers everything you need to start with 4 Shell cowries. It is a video course that includes a 1 hour and 23 minute video with demonstrations and a handout that details interpretations and protocols for this method.