African Women’s Mysteries Series -West

This online workshop will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for women. This is the West African Course covering the Iyami Aje of West Africa.  Please send a copy of your legal government  id to within 24 hours of registering for class or access to the class will be denied with no refund.

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African Women’s Mysteries Series

  • This online workshop will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for biological women. Legal Id required to prove such. The African mysteries are the missing keys to all of the other mysteries. Male and Female mystery systems came from them. Yet, today, people know very little about this ancient mothers or they know them through the lens of men or outside of its traditional cultures and worldview. It is for this reason this program has been offered. The program expands the entire African continent in search of women’s traditions and not just one area. Because of this the series will involve 2 courses covering East African Mysteries and West African Mysteries. The course series begins with the East African Mysteries  or Feminine Mysteries 1 as these are the oldest documentable womens traditions in Africa. It continues to the the West African course  or Feminine Mysteries 2 where we find new meaning in these practices today as well as a more expansive worldview beyond male and patriarchal perspectives to a woman centered world view.

    Each course is 9 weeks long and is offered through a video recording of a previously taught live class.

    The West  course has over 20 HOURS of Personal Lecture videos with power points and even more supplemental videos.  Each video lecture is 2-3 hours long.  It has a number of extra ebooks, supplements, articles, and links. To be honest, this course has more content than any college level course priced at 10x its value.  This is not taught by a novice nor someone who got their information from Youtube. Its very detailed and comes from direct experience, not just research.

    West African Mysteries contents:

    Primordial Mothers of Africa, Iyami Aje
    Ancient Mothers and Orisa
    Mami Wata
    Cosmic Calabash and 7 African Mothers
    The 7 Ase’s
    Aje Cosmology
    Women’s gateways in the Body
    Great Mother guiding principles and laws
    Cosmic Womb of Odu
    4 Blood Mysteries
    and much more!

    Some Reviews: 

    Iya Ayele is the most generous and thoughtful teacher I have ever met on my spiritual path. This course is enlightening and empowering, its structure and its contents highly respond to both spiritual and academic research. I have learned so much!!! Thank you so much Ayele!

    “Wonderful class! It’s been the glue for me that’s given my spiritual journey in the Diaspora
    more meaning. I now have a clearer vision of my purpose in the world.“ D. Carter

    ”This course is simply wonderful, empowering and enlightening! Ayele is both an accurate and generous teacher , and I thank her deeply and respectfully for all the knowledge and wisdom she has transmitted us.” K. Garcia

  • By Signing up to either of these courses means you agree to be automatically bound to secrecy of its topics and legally bound to not divulge its contents or discussions with anyone who is not in the course. Further it legally binds you to agree to not teach or share its contents in any capacity ( video, written, orally, audio, digitally or in person) without written and verbal authorization naming yourself as authorized by the author Ayele Kumari. This extends your entire lifetime and at no point held in exception. This includes the information copywrited verbatim as well as paraphrasing or implied associations with and of its contents. Payment for the course is a indication that you agree to the stipulations above and agree to be bound legally to authorized governments and spiritually to the Primordial mothers of Justice to adhere to these requirements. 

Senior and Student discounts available with valid confirmation of status. Send email with pics of legal ID or valid college ID with date to Partial scholarship or payment plan on a case by case basis available with proof of income status and situation. These are not in conjunction with any other discount offer. 


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