African Women’s Mysteries Series -West

This online workshop will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for women. This is the West African Course covering the Iyami Aje of West Africa.
Mondays Feb 5  to April 1, 2018    730-9 pm Central

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African Women’s Mysteries Series

This Online Video  Series will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for biological women.Legal Id required to prove such. This course series will involve 2 courses covering East African Mysteries and West African Mysteries. The course is highly selective and permission to attend must be attained by course facilitator before fully approved. Successful completion of the courses qualifies participants to apply for induction into the secret society of women at the Aje retreat. Each course is 9 weeks long.

West African Mysteries contents:

Primordial Mothers of Africa, Iyami Aje
Ancient Mothers and Orisa
Mami Wata
Cosmic Calabash and 7 African Mothers
The 7 Ase’s
Aje Cosmology
Women’s gateways in the Body
Great Mother guiding principles and laws
Cosmic Womb of Odu
4 Blood Mysteries
and much more!​

East African Mysteries contents:

Wajet  Great Mothers of the East
The Goddess tree of life
The trifold mysteries of the Throne of Auset
Ms. Stories of the Goddess
Mysteries of Sekhmet and Hether
Mysteries of the Royal Arch of Heaven
Mysteries of Sati and the Path of Sirius
Mysteries of Cosmic Order and Maat
Mysteries the Inner temple and Seshat
Mysteries of The Golden Egg and Mut
  • By Signing up to either of these courses means you agree to be automatically bound to secrecy of its topics and legally bound to not divulge its contents or discussions with anyone who is not in the course. Further it legally binds you to agree to not teach or share its contents in any capacity ( video, written, orally, audio, digitally or in person) without written and verbal authorization naming yourself as authorized. This extends your entire lifetime and at no point held in exception. This includes the information copywrited verbatim as well as paraphrasing or implied associations with and of its contents. Taking this course means that you agree that you will not attempt in any way to use its contents for profit or to assert yourself as an authority in the matter in any way nor will you attempt to guide or teach others without express written and verbal consent of the facilitator and director. Payment for the course and sitting for the first 5 minutes of the course is a indication that you agree to the stipulations above and agree to be bound legally to authorized governments and spiritually to the Primordial mothers of Justice to adhere to these requirements. 

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