Ancestor Vessel and Implements

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Ritually consecrated Egun Ceremonial and Altar Implements for Ancestral Altar. Includes consecrated pot, staff, Divination tools, eleke, and instructions for use.


Setting up an ancestral altar is usually the starting point for embarking on this path. We all have  the ability to communicate with our ancestors. It is a birthright. This is done by setting up an altar and creating a means of facilitating more substantial communication. Anyone can set up an altar. I have instructions HERE  for how to do just that.  I also have a whole course that is located here that can help you establish a full connection through Ancestral Spiritual Living.  But when you are ready to increase the connection and take the work to the next level, receiving a consecrated Egun pot (Igba Egun), Egun sticks (igi Egun) or staff (Opa Egun) can support that. Its recommended for those who intend to pursue or are called to priesthood to have the traditional tools that our actual ancestors used. It  increases our ability to communicate  with our ancestors.

This tradition is built on communication. The pot serves as sort of an amplifier to our prayers and increases our ability to communicate.  The The Opa Egun consist of a staff of a specific wood attuned  with naturally developed characteristics known to be identified with ancestor work. It , like the pot is ritually  prepared in the tradition of our ancestors with the traditional ingredients and consecrated by a fully initiated priest. Included in the full set up is the consecrated Igba Egun divined for and prepared your specific ancestors and bloodline, Opa Egun ( a consecrated staff used to call them and do work for them, a divination set used to effect further specific and definitive guidance from your ancestors, an Egun eleke or consecrated necklace supporting your protection and connection to them and consecrated tools for divining to establish communication with your ancestors.

You will also have access to a full course that includes directions on how to use the pot and staff,  how to set it up in your home, sacred invocations and prayers to say, how to divine  and more.  The course covers hours of material, exercises, and content that will deepen your Ancestral spiritual practice tremendously! You can check out the course Here.  Its a $129 value!  In addition, a Dafa reading can be added that includes an ancestral reading that covers the generational energy of your mother and fathers line and its impact on you and your descendants. That reading normally  is a $99 value! Those who purchase a pot would receive the accompanying reading for only $49 more. You will receive a special coupon code to give you the discount.

The price quoted included a staff,  NOT the Isan Egun. Isan Egun are an Egun tool consisting of 9 imported sacred branches from a special ancient ( Atori)  tree in  Nigeria. The Isan and the Opa staff are consecrated and fed in a special ceremony. There is a $50 up charge for this in place of the staff and $100 up charge for it and the staff. This consecrated tools set can be offered through distance or in person. If in person, an in home installation and ceremony is also available. If offered through distance, an additional $35 is added to cover priority shipping and handling. ​If in person for installation, an additional $35 covers the time and gas  to come set it up.  The ancestral reading with the mothers line and father’s line odus is $54 that can be purchased after the receipt of the implements and the preparation of the pot.

Isan Eegun

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Regular Pot and Staff, Replace w Isan Egun Traditional, include Isan Egun and Opa staff, Pot with no staff or Isan Egun