Customized Spiritual Soap

Customized spiritual soap.

Only $30.00 $25.00

A highly specialized soap hand crafted created with ancient methods and traditional ingredients known only to highly trained priest. Intent of soap depends on purpose.

The soaps may vary in bases some from black soap and others from lye based soaps .All are hand made from fresh herbs often grown in my own garden or imported from African forests. They are all customized for the individual ordering and I divine on it to ensure it and the ingredients are specifically what is needed.  Some soaps are accompanied with a feather as a part of the specialized purpose and ritual that may have been performed for the person.

Soaps can be customized to be a road opener , to assist with financial or relationship support. Some to remove negative energy or psychic attacks. Some for protection or cleaning. Some soaps for justice and winning in court.

Some soaps to name a few:





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