When a person receives a Dafa or Cowrie she’ll reading, the Reading is intended to asses their situation and determine solutions that will either support their opportunities to thrive, improve their quality of life, and or align them with spiritual forces to improve their situation. This process is called Ebo. Ebo can be very simple to quite complex depending on the severity of the issue. As a result, it requires various price points to determine most suitable.

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When a Ifa or Orisa Divination is performed, there are often additional actions that need to be taken to support a positive out come or solve a problem. This is called an ebo. The ebo can vary in terms of extent and will depend on the item or items required, how complex the ebo is, availability of item, the amount of the items and actual cost to obtain them, the shipping cost or transportation cost, the time involved and number of priests involved.

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