Initial Deposit for Idosu.

Only $500.00

Idosu is Orisa initiation.  It is not Ifa Initiation. The Orisa initiation ceremony initializes a formal and higher  relationship with an Orisa by seating the Orisa in the Ori and empowering the person with the Ase of the Orisa.  This initiation allows the initiate to study and learn the mysteries of the Orisa as well as learn the medicines and divination for the Orisa.   Initiation means to begin…and is not a completion process. The person becomes an initiate by receiving the icon of the Orisa. Only training and experience makes one a Priest or priestess.  The potential candidate should understand that while this initiation will teach them how to use the tools they are given to make offering to the Orisa and communicate, additional education is required to learn advanced methods and divination. This may require an additional fee and/ or a membership in good standing in Ori Temples of America. This ceremony  varies depending on the Orisa and the number of days can vary as well.  3-7 days should be expected. The initiation can take place in the United States or the person can be escorted to Africa for the initiation.  This initiation requires that a divination confirm the correct Orisa and the initiation. The potential candidate should demonstrate spiritual maturity and an honorable character before and after the initiation. The potential candidate should have attained some level of emotional balance and responsibility toward oneself and others.  Fee may vary from $1600 to $3600 in the United States depending on the Orisa , the number of days, the number of priests, the required tools, animals, offerings, travel.   If initiation is desired requiring travel to Africa, estimate from $3500 to $7000 to cover travel, escort, accommodations, initiation, tools and implements, etc.  Initiations in Africa take place in Ota, Nigeria. For any initiation, a customized fee will be given, a payment schedule if necessary,  and a minimum non refundable deposit of $ 500  is required. The fee for this product is the deposit and not the full initiation cost. A deposit should not be made without talking directly to Iya Ayele to confirm this choice.