Isefa- Hand of Ifa Ceremony

Hand of Ifa ceremony allows you to receive icon for Ifa, places you under the protection of Ifa, and formalizes your status as an Ifa devotee.

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This ceremony is a two- to three-day process, culminating with the reception of your Birth  Odu or  Ita – your sacred contract with destiny as you currently experience it. This remains in effect for life unless you fully initiate which is likely to modify it.  Ise’fa is received to provide protection, improvement of life circumstances – in essence, to align with our destiny. The ceremony places you under the protection of Orunmila and makes you a official devotee of Ifa. The person will receive the official icon for an Ifa shrine as well as an icon for Esu shrine if they don’t already have one.  The presence of this shrine provides the opportunity for its devotee to pray and make offerings to Ifa and Esu.  You will be taught how to develop spiritual intimacy with Ifa and your Ori (inner head), as well as Ifa’s message on how to navigate your way through life smoothly.  This ceremony is NOT Ifa initiation nor does it qualify you to be able to perform divination for others. It  may, under approved circumstances allow you to begin to learn more practices in Ifa including formal Ifa education and training.


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