Naming Ceremony for Adult

Receive an African Ancestral  name based on your life Path and Soul Purpose.

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Reclaim your African Ancestral Heritage through Receiving an African Name!

In person through Formal Ceremony or Online! 


A name is not just a name. In African societies, names reflect the circumstances upon you were born, your destiny, the  parents hopes and dreams for the child. Calling the name is an invocation to that person’s Ori.. an affirmation that energetically affects he person. When a child is born, a Divination is done to determine why that soul has returned and what they are hear to do in the world. That Divination can also reveal the child’s spiritual name that assists in reinforcing their work here.This is a powerful practice that sets the person up at birth for their highest calling.

For many in the Diaspora have names by default of an ancestor who was held captive. The name assumed when feed were generally the name of the captor or Slave master. This can present an unconscious psychological and or ancestral  trauma representing the severing of ties to family and community on the homeland and a lifetime of captivity. These trauma pass from generation to generation.

When a person ungoes initiation, they will receive a formal ancestral name that is then used. However, initiation is not for everyone so everyone may not receive on through that process. Still, many feel an urge to carry an ancestral name in an effort to healing the trauma from ancestral slavery. Doing so can create a shift in consciousness that improves ones perception of oneself and feeling of self confidence and value.

One step in reclaiming and healing those generational wounds is to reclaim a name that is aligned with your ancestors and spiritual destiny.     Taking an ancestral name can be done through a powerful process that is done as our African ancestors have done. This can be done in full ceremony or received online using a modified process. The process involves doing a Ori life Path Divination. This will help you understand your life lessons and soul path. This alone is a powerful Divination that can support you for life. As a part of that process an ancestral name can be derived that is in alignment with that soul path. Often this process can be done in a formal ceremony that is performed done with family and friends. Sometimes the whole family receives a name. Sometimes just the person and the community celebrates with them.  A certificate is received with the formal name confirmed .  This name can become a family surname or first name or an addition to current name.

While the ceremony is a powerful step, distance and resources may be limited for some. In this case they can still receive the name through the same process but without the in person ceremony. You will receive a formal document of your Life Path Reading that we will go over via telephone and a formal certificate or you can receive  it via video conferencing and receive a keepsake video recording documenting it all. For those that have already received a Life Path Reading, you can still receive a name and certificate for a nominal additional fee.

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