Orisa for Self Mastery Course

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Orisa are forces of nature expressed through the Ifa Orisa Spiritual tradition of West Africa. It is designed to teach individuals not just about Orisa and their qualities, but how to actually work with Orisa for spiritual awakening and empowerment  in one’s life. This is a beginners course and open for anyone interested in deepening their relationship with Orisa. Each week, a different Orisa will be explored and the participants will engage in personal rituals and exercises to awaken those qualities within them. Beyond worship , this is about the inner work and transformation. While this course is taught by an Iyalorisa and Iyanifa,  this course is not designed to replace the personal teaching of a god parent or lineage. It is designed to support the individual on their inner journey and may be especially useful for them until they find an elder they can learn from direct tutelage. It is also helpful as a preparation tool for those considering initiation as a path.

In this course, you will :

Gain in knowledge about the history and attributes of the Orisa

How to identify the qualities  of the Irunmole and it’s manifestation in nature and within you.

Learn Oriki , Odu Ifa verses, and ways to engage.

Experience and perform personal rituals with Orisa .

Explore how Orisa show up in your personal life and the various manifestations it may take.

Learn helpful meditations and words of power to engage Orisa for personal transformation.


Lesson  One : Onile

Lesson  2 : Esu

Lesson  3: Yemoja

Lesson 4: Obatala


Lesson 5 Osun

Lesson  6 Sango

Lesson  7 Oya

Lesson  8 Ogun


Lesson 9 Orunmila

Lesson 10 Yewa

Lesson 11 Ochossi

Lesson 12 Oba



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