Got Issues, Problems, Life Challenges?

Does your world seem to be crazy or just not where you want it to be? Are you feeling afraid or vulnerable and don’t know where to turn for guidance or help? Are you tired of talking to your friends or just don’t feel like you CAN talk to your friends about what is going on? Are you praying silently for help or for someone to just help walk you through this?

Whatever it is, I want you to know This too will pass… and what is happening right now is supposed to happen so that you can get in alignment with your Spirit. And that without this this thing you are going through, you would MISS the Blessings that are on the way.

I have found is that EVERYTHING has a divine purpose and a reason. The trouble is we don’t always understand what that reason is or where we are being guided to go. Our choices become confusing and we are often at a crossroads that makes it difficult to see what is best for us. Sometimes we ending up making similar choices with similar undesirable results. Sometimes we are too afraid to make a choice at all for fear of a backlash. So, we keep doing what we are doing and getting what we are getting.

That’s where I come in:

I help get people the answers they need and the clarity they seek so that they can make BREAKTHROUGHS in their life. I am here to help YOU find SOULUTIONS to your problems and challenges. SOULUTIONS are life affirming choices that empower you and bring balance and peace in your life.

You see life is a mathematical equation… that is why it feels like a problem.. Things just aren’t adding up. There is a conflict between what is happening and what you want to happen. So the solution is to resolve it can be done in 5 Easy Steps.


Get C.L.E.A.R

Step 1 Get Clarity regarding what the problem is. Not the symptoms of the problem… but the underlying root of the problem… The problem we have most is being willing to see the situation clearly. This requires honestly and openness. Talking with an objective party or journaling can help with this. Life Coaching can also help you to sift through troubled emotions and get clear about what is really going on.

Step 2. Identify the Soul Lesson and Purpose. This helps us to see what Spirit is trying to get us to learn and do. This is where it gets tricky because our ego and our Soul/ Spirit have 2 different agendas. The ego wants to satisfy the moment. The soul wants to fulfill your destiny. Whatever problem you have, there is something you are supposed to learn or do from it. A good way to identify that is through divination. Divination bypasses the brain’s chronic criticism and rationalizing to have a dialog on a soul level. Here we can discover the soul purpose and lessons… and that can offer you peace just knowing it is not in vain.

Step 3 Evaluate options and possible outcomes to help you take your next steps. Our sessions can help to lay out your options and see what is down the road for each one. This can help you to choose what steps to take in your life or how to best solve your problem. Here you will also determine what soulutions are going to help turn things around.

Step 4 Take Action – All of the planning in the world will not replace live steps to affirmative living. As you are given the tools to make the best choices, Now you can put what you now know into practice. Its time to do the work.

Step 5 Realization- After you take steps, the realization of those steps comes into view. Sometimes you need to Refine your focus and intent. Sometimes you Recover what was lost. The Realization process helps you to see the tangible results of your steps and make necessary changes where needed.

Some of my Soul-utions & Services include:

Divination Life Coaching and Personal Mentoring

Traditional and Emotional Healing

Sacred Ceremony and Therapeutic Ritual

Events and Classes

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We will schedule a time to meet over the phone or skype. Sometime you are given pre questions to answer to ensure our time is best spent getting the solutions you want. When we talk, depending on the time we schedule, I will first tune in to see what vision comes up for you. Then I will do a Divination to determine underlying roots of your situation. Our reading will extend into identifying the soul lesson and then the likely outcomes. While the reading can predict the future, it is important to remember the power of your choices. As a life coaching divination session we focus on choices and goals, not an undesirable fate. The difference between a diviner and a reader is that a reader can see your destiny… A diviner can help change it.

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