Iyami Aje- An induction        ceremony Into Egbe Aje  for women to formally align with the primordial mothers and receive their tools for spiritual work. 

Isefa – Hand of Ifa Ceremony – A ceremony intended to formally begin one’s walk as a student of Ifa and align with ones destiny to determine spiritual path.

IdosuOrisha initiation– A ceremony to fully commit to the path of an olorisha in the tradition

Itefa / Itelodu-  Ifa Initiation A ceremony involving a number of Ifa priests designed to align you with your destiny, determine your path, and to initiate your walk as an Ifa Priest.

Ile Ori– A ceremony where one receives a consecrated vessel symbolizing ones personal destiny and divine self.

 Ibori Ceremony– A spiritual cleansing focuses on the head and divine self.

 Eleke Ceremony- An introductory ceremony honoring a new person’s walk in the tradition and the receipt of consecrated elekes  or sacred necklaces for devotes. 

I am affiliated with the Ancestral Pride Temple in Ota, Nigeria. I also have affiliations with Temples here in the States. Initiations are available in Africa as well as in the United States. 

Customized Weddings A fully customized wedding ceremony for African,  Interfaith, or Eclectic services.
Naming Ceremony- For Adults seeking to reclaim their spiritual / African identity through a formal ritual confirmation.  
Baby Confirmation Ceremony– For children born, a divination is done to affirm the child’s life path and a name is conferred in ceremony to align with that path. 
Ancestor Ceremony: A consecrated vessel, traditional staff,and Divination set designed to communicate with one’s ancestors. Home installation available for local devotees. Staff and vessel are also available separately.

House cleanings/ Blessings Spiritual Cleanings on new homes or apartments. 

Spiritual baths– Baths to support mental, emotional, spiritual empowerment.

Transition services– Funeral and Burial  including the traditional rites to consecrate and bury the new ancestor. Traditional African, Eclectic, and Interfaith Services 

Warriors (ebora set) – Consecrated set of warriors for divine protection.

​Note on Available Services: All are available on a case by case basis and I reserve the right to refuse services at my discretion.
​Some services require divination confirmation and additional priests to perform along with the need to do them at special locations.