Divination and Spiritual Consults

Ayele Kumari has over 25 years experience as a reader and counselor.

DaFa – Ifa Consultation

Dafa is an Ifa consultation performed with a divination chain or sacred ikin. Orunmila is called the Elerin ipin which translates to Witness of Destiny. Destiny is considered the soul purpose, lessons, blueprint for your life established prior to your birth. This divination assess specific situations in your life and determines solutions to problems as well as determines how to bring your life into the balance and in alignment with your souls purpose. It can determine what spiritual forces of nature are involved with or influencing your life at present as well as what attitudes, actions, or beliefs may help or hinder progress. Ifa divination may also be seen as an “early warning system” that provides insights into what we need to watch out for, what we need to look for, pay attention to, and what changes in behavior will be beneficial to us.
Dafa differs from other oracle systems like Tarot, Runes, etc in that it’s benefit is not in merely predicting an outcome. Dafa actively includes conscious involvement, choices, and personal responsibility for results.
Often some form of additional work is called for once you have a dafa consultation. Like other healing practices, Dafa acts as the spiritual diagnosis and assessment. It will also offer a spiritual prescription to be carried out called Ebo. This can be anything from a spiritual bath, natural medicine, offerings, a specific task, to a lifestyle change. Sometimes they can be done by the person who has consulted on their own. Sometimes, they require the matter be handled by the priest in which an additional fee to cover materials, work, and time may be necessary. What will be necessary is not known until the divination is done. Fulfilling the prescription is helpful to bring the life into order, but you are always given a choice.



Ori Life Path Reading

This reading is designed to gain insight on your soul’s path, life purpose, and or lessons. This insight is ultimately gained through initiation but for those who will not be initiated or are not initiated, this will offer great insight into current life patterns and dominant Orisa(s) that are supporting one’s life. While this can change over time, this can help you to know if one is called to initiate and under what circumstances if so. It can also help to know if Ifa is the path for your. This reading requires additional involvement and exercises by the partifipant in order to gain the best reading possible. A head cleaning may be necessary to be performed prior to reading and there may also require an ebo after the reading in order to support the clients life. The ebo may involve additional costs depending on the severity of the situation.
$99 Life Path consult

Bone Divination Reading

Bone Divination is an ancestral oracle tradition that creates a full constellation or picture of your life. It includes objects of nature thrown in a basket and the observation of sacred patterns that determine your situation. I use over 100 bones to discern an infinite number of situations. This is a Sangoma style method with Akan and Kikongo added. It will cover up to 13 areas of your life. It can point out general and specific issues as well as give advice and more clarity and advice for love and relationships, work and finances, and spiritual outlook and opportunities. A bone reading lasts for about an hour.


Iyami Aje Reading

Iyami ( Awon Iya Wa) are the spiritual mothers of the traditions. This includes the Primoridial mothers, the ancestral mothers, the overall feminine energies in nature and within. This reading supports those interested in the Iyami and Aje. This reading can tell you if you are called work to work with this powerful group of divine feminine energy and if so under what circumstances. It can tell you the dominant Mother/s in your life and any special messages to you. While this reading is primarily for biological women, some men who have had readings or odus where this energy is seriously affecting their lives may also seek guidance here.
​ ​$72


Tarot /IChing

Tarot /Iching readings can offer insight into many aspects of your life and future. This reading may use 1 or both methods depending on the questions and insight needed. Questions such as life lessons and soul purpose can be answered with this kind of reading as well as questions relating to relationships, money, work, spiritual life, and advice for courses of action. They can also identify future potentials and examine things like mate or partner potential and gain insight into motives and likelihood of success with certain ventures.

Traditional and Natural Healing

Traditional methods to restore balance to the body, mind, and soul.

Personal or Spiritual Mentoring Classes

Often people have questions or need support in their journey and don’t know where to go for help. Mentoring allows for them to receive personalized support, answers, education, and clarity on whatever is coming up for them at the time. It allows for an objective, non pressured experience talking with someone who is an experienced priest, author, teacher, healer, grandparent, who is well versed in a number of spiritual paths and traditions in African spirituality, women’s traditions, as well as metaphysics in general. I have over 30 years experience and most people say it’s like having an on call grandmother, priests, or a professional friend. Mentoring is not a divination session but can be upgraded to one if needed. If I am not able to answer your questions, find the answers, offer resources or referrals, or be helpful, you will receive a full refund.

Personal mentoring can help with the following situations:
Objective viewpoint of your life and where they need to focus their next steps.
General life situations and problem solving, love, money, career, family, spirituality, advice.
Getting information or education on how to work with your ancestors, Orisha, Ifa or Iyami,
Exploring paths to priesthood or healing work, across traditions or lineages
Incorporating the divine feminine or Goddess into your walk
Transitioning from conventional Judeo Abrahamic paths to other traditions
Exploring the metaphysical mysteries within Judeo Abrahamic religions.
Analyzing dreams,
Overcoming negative situations or life patterns
learning to meditate,
Reviewing experiences, the past, to gain clarity or closure
Training or personal classes in African spirituality, Astrology,
life coaching or psycho- spiritual counseling.
whatever you need to help you get clarity on your path.
Assistance in writing a book

$30 for 30 minutes


Ceremonies and Ritual

​Note on Available Services: All are available on a case by case basis and I reserve the right to refuse services at my discretion.
​Some services require divination confirmation and additional priests to perform along with the need to do them at special locations.
​Iyami Aje- An induction ceremony for women to formally align with the primordial mothers and receive their tools for spiritual work.

Isefa – Hand of Ifa Ceremony – A ceremony intended to formally begin one’s walk as a student of Ifa and align with ones destiny to determine spiritual path.

Orisha initiation- A ceremony to fully commit to the path of an olorisha in the tradition

Itefa / Itelodu- A ceremony involving a number of Ifa priests designed to align you with your destiny, determine your path, and to initiate your walk as an Ifa Priest.

Ile Ori- A ceremony where one receives a consecrated vessel symbolizing ones personal destiny and divine self.

Warriors (ebora set) – Consecrated set of warriors for divine protection.

Ancestor Ceremony: A consecrated vessel, traditional staff,and Divination set designed to communicate with one’s ancestors. Home installation available for local devotees. Staff and vessel are also available separately. ​
House cleanings/ Blessings – Spiritual Cleanings on new homes or apartments

Spiritual baths- Baths to support mental, emotional, spiritual empowerment.

Transition services- Funeral and Burial

Wedding services- Traditional African, Eclectic, and Interfaith Services

Ibori Ceremony- A spiritual cleansing focuses on the head and divine self.

Eleke Ceremony- An introductory ceremony honoring a new person’s walk in the tradition and the receipt of consecrated elekes or sacred necklaces for devotes.


Got an Event or Need a Workshop Facilitator

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